Images Foto | ID Pictures

How It's Done

The staff at Images Foto are seasoned Pro's at ID and passport pictures. We also specialize Residence, Citizenship, Petition and Metrocard pictures. We use professional equipment and not a mish-mash of consumer-grade cameras and printers. 

We also take International ID pictures for the following countries: USA, CAN, MEX, COL, VEN, EU, GBR, DEU, FRA, ITA, NLD, ESP, AUT, RUS, TUR, AUS, NZL, JPN.

Step 1: Walk In

Simply walk in and you'll be promptly taken care of.

  • We greet you and assess your needs. Afterward, you are directed to the studio area if need be.
  • Our clients have access to gel and combs. A fully functional restroom is also available.
  • Our photographers will take your picture. If not satisfied with the result, we'll keep trying until you are happy.

Walk-In customers will be served on a first come first serve basis.

Step 2: Hang Tight

After your picture is taken, it is immediately sent to our printers. Each pair takes 2 minutes to print. 

Professional and Custom ID pictures take additional time for retouching and post processing.

Step 3: Good to Go

Your passport pictures are are handed over to you in a small, convenient envelope.



All our prices have taxes and fees included. Satisfaction guaranteed.

ID Pictures - $15 (2 Pictures) - $25 (4 Pictures)

By far the most popular choice. This is our standard instant ID picture rate. Time to completion is under 5 minutes. Special arrangements can be made for clients that are unable to leave their house and need an on site visit. 

Custom ID Pictures - $25 (2 Pictures)

This service is intended for clients that need standards-compliant ID pictures for people that are unavailable due various reasons, such as not being in the country or state. We adapt an acceptable image into the size and format requested by the client. 


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